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My day job uses a Google Sheet (which I also built) to make the staff schedule. We work multiple shifts each schedule so my day to day isn't always consistent. In order to help my wife know when I'm working and what time my shifts are, I would manually enter them into a shared Google Calendar. Now, this add-on handles everything for me.

The spreadsheet itself may not make any sense to you but hopefully the comments in the code will help you understand it enough to apply it to your needs.

At my day job I am in charge of making sure people are adequately trained for sterile compounding (making IVs). They have complete training annually. I created a spreadsheet to track their training. I created an add-on that will send out email reminders as well as a Google Form for booking their training and instructions for completing the training.

The add-on also emails me letting me know who has received emails, scheduled training, etc. Finally, with this training, I have to follow up on it two weeks after they complete it. This add-on adds that follow up as an event on my work calendar with the name of the person I need to follow up on. This automation has saved me countless man hours!

**Note: When you look at the repository, you'll see that I have created a function that runs every day by trigger to check for a new submission. A smoother alternative that I have since learned is to use the 'On form submit' trigger.

Try adding 20 guests to one of your existing calendar events. I'll wait... You must enter in 20 individual email addresses. Have a guest list of 50 people? Good luck!

This add-on allows you to take an existing list of email addresses that you already have stored in a spreadsheet and import them into the calendar event of your choosing in just a few clicks.

Add an unlimited number of emails at once!

IGLGC opens a sidebar that guides you through importing your guest list. No need to copy and paste your data. Simply tell the add-on where in your sheet the email addresses are located. It will take care of the rest.

One of my companies uses Google Docs for recording meeting minutes. I created an add-on for scheduling the next meeting right from the current meeting document. The add-on will create the document for the next meeting (by copying the current document) and attach the current document as well as the next to the calendar event. It will also create a Google Meet link if selected.

I have not styled the side bar only because I run this company with two friends and did not feel the need to do anything special with the styling.